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Nitro-Pak has come up with some checklist that help you get prepared. everything from a 72 hour kit list to home preparedness and auto preparedness.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency Phone Numbers

The best time to prepare for an emergency is before one happens. Make sure your family knows emergency phone numbers and your kids know how to place a call for help.

Need-to-Know Numbers

During an emergency, it’s easy to become disoriented and upset, so you need to have all important phone numbers readily available ahead of time.

Write each phone number clearly in large print so it will be easy for kids to read. Use a pen with dark-colored ink or type it on the computer because pencil or light-colored ink can be harder to read when you’re in a hurry or if lights are dim.

Because accidents can happen in any part of the home, make copies of the completed list and post one near every telephone in the house and on the refrigerator. Be sure to carry one with you when you are out of the house, and keep one in the car as well.

Also, consider programming emergency numbers into your cellphone. And make sure that people who come to the house to watch your kids (babysitters or relatives, for example) familiarize themselves with the list. If a babysitter is taking the kids out, make sure he or she also carries the list of numbers.

Make sure the list includes these numbers:

  • emergency medical services: In most places this is 911, but your community may have its own number.
  • poison control center: 1-800-222-1222. This toll-free number will put you in touch with the poison control center in your area.
  • hospital emergency room
  • fire department
  • police department
  • your child’s doctor
  • parents’ work
  • parents’ cellphones and/or pagers
  • neighbors and/or relatives
  • pharmacy

Your list also should include known allergies (especially to any medicines), medical conditions, medications taken by family members, and insurance information for all members of the family.

If you are calling 911 from your cellphone, the dispatcher may not have enough information to pinpoint your location so be prepared to give details about where you are (for example, address, city, cross streets, major highway, and nearest exits).

If you have a home alarm, make sure you and others in the home know how to use it to activate local emergency services (ambulance, police, fire station).

If you’re planning a trip to another country, make sure you know how to get help if the need arises. It’s better to be prepared and keep a list of international numbers. Lists of international emergency numbers are available online and from embassies of each country.





Vehicle Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Vehicle Preparedness Check list


Vehicle Emergency
Preparedness Checklist

Basic List of Supplies to Keep in Your Vehicle—

The checklist below is for supplies you might want to keep in your vehicle…’just-in-case’ and is not ment to be all-inclusive. You may think of additional items you want to include. We offer a separate Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Building a 72hr ‘Bug-Out’ Kit and a Home Emergency Preparedness Checklist you can download also to assist in putting together your preparedness supplies.
The critical key to any preparedness plan is to DO IT NOW before you need it. Be Safe…Be Prepared!

AAA Autoclub Membership works good here. Be sure to check spare tire air pressure at least once per year.

AAA Autoclub Membership works good here. Be sure to check spare tire air pressure at least once per year.
☐ Check to be sure your vehicle has the original factory tire jack and tire nut wrench. These are bare minimum. We suggest upgrading to a hydraulic jack with solid steel lug nut tool to fit your specific tire lugs.
☐ 12v plug-in car tire air compressor
☐ Slime/Fix-A-Flat tire inflator can.
(Slime® offers a 12v 7-Min. Flat Tire Repair System or deluxe 48pc all-in-one kit that has both of the above.)
☐ *12v electric lug nut tool

☐ ALWAYS keep a minimum of a ½
tank of gas in your car
☐ Plastic tote storage container
☐ HD 4-6 gauge 16-20ft battery
jumper cables
☐ Reflectors & flares to place behind
the vehicle on the road
☐ Spare set of hidden car keys
☐ Leather gloves/garden gloves
☐ Nitrile surgical gloves
☐ Assorted screw drivers, pliers,
adjustable wrench, multi-tool knife
☐ HD tow strap/rope/chain
☐ Various bungee cords
☐ Quart of oil (see owner’s manual)
☐ Roll of reinforced duct tape
☐ Roll of electrical tape
☐ Assorted 12v car fuses (see car’s
owner’s manual for correct type)
☐ Tire pressure gauge
☐ Multi- LED task flashlight (reverse
batteries for storage)
☐ Extra batteries (flashlight, radio, etc)
☐ Break-off blade utility knife
☐ Empty collapsible gas carrier
☐ 2.5 – 5lb ABC fire extinguisher
☐ Tri-folding metal shovel
☐ Small roll of metal wire
☐ Assortment of zip ties
☐ Roll of shop/paper towels
☐ Hand sanitizer wipes/pump
☐ Funnel (oil/gas)
☐ Siphon gas hose
☐ *Cloth garage towels

WINTER STORMS (stuck/slipping)
Be sure to have a compact 72hr kit that includes food, water and first-aid. See list shown at end.
☐ Windshield snow/ice scraper
☐ Tire traction metal/plastic matts
☐ Tyre-Grip® traction spray
☐ Tire chains to fit your size tire

☐ Backpack carrying bag
☐ Emergency food bars
☐ Granola bars, jerky, trail mix, etc.
☐ Hard candy
☐ Bottled water (6+)
☐ Mid-size first aid kit w/manual
☐ AM/FM/NOAA radio w/batteries
☐ 3mil construction trash bags
☐ Rain poncho
☐ Hand and body warmers
☐ Instant lightsticks
☐ Survival whistle with lanyard
☐ Pen, pencil, paper, notepad
☐ Felt tip pen marker
☐ Card stock 8×11” printed w/”HELP”
☐ Toilet paper roll in re-sealing bag
☐ Waterproof matches
☐ Disposable butane lighter
☐ 50-100’ nylon paracord/rope
☐ Space emergency blankets
☐ Liquid filled compass
☐ *Small games, playing cards
☐ *Wool utility blanket
☐ *Cell phone charger
☐ *Water Filter Bottle/Straw
☐ *Cash $20-50 in small bills
☐ __________________________
*Optional items

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72 Hour Emergency Checklist

72 hour check list


Emergency Preparedness Checklist

What to Include in a ‘Bug-Out’ Kit

The checklist below is intended to be a starting point for building your own 72hr ‘Bug-Out’ kit and is not intended to be all-inclusive. You may think of additional items you want to include. We offer a separate Home Emergency Preparedness Checklist for supplies to have-on-hand at home that you can to download to assist you.
Be sure to keep your kit as light as possible, preferably under 25 lbs. Can be built for 1 or 2 persons (adjust supplies accordingly).

Be careful. Weight adds quickly here.
☐ Lifeboat water pouches–5yr SL
Recommend 4 per day (12 p/p)
☐ *Personal water filtering bottle
☐ *Chlorine dioxide purifying tablets
☐ *Extra water (to carry)
We recommend only non-thirst provoking food
rations that are not affected by heat or freezing.
☐ 3600 calorie Mainstay, Datrex or
Millennium food bars p/p
☐ *Granola bars, jerky, trail mix, etc.
☐ *Freeze-dried meals
☐ *Cereals, powdered soups,
powdered drink mix
(extra water req’d to eat/digest)
☐ *Plastic plate, cup & utensils
☐ Knucklemender™ first aid kit with
first aid manual
☐ N95 Surgical/dust masks
☐ Chap lip stick
☐ *Sun, insect repellant wipes
☐ Emergency space blanket
☐ Lightweight bivy sleeping bag
☐ Emergency poncho
☐ Hand & body warmers (6)
☐ Water/wind proof matches
☐ Disposable butane lighter
☐ Tube tent shelter
☐ *Folding lightweight stove & fuel
☐ *Baseball/knit cap
☐ $20-$100 cash in small bills. Checks
& Credit cards may be useless.
☐ Playing cards, small games
☐ Chewing gum
☐ Hard candy drops
☐ Lightweight jacket
☐ Personal protection device(s)
☐ *Sturdy comfy shoes
☐ *Extra underwear set

☐ 36hr candle
☐ LED flashlight & spare batteries
☐ Instant 12hr lightsticks (2-3)
☐ *LED Headlamp
☐ Solar/crank/battery am/fm/noaa
weather radio
☐ Camping whistle w/lanyard
☐ Pen, pencil, paper, notepad
☐ Spare batteries (all devices)
☐ Important phone # in/out of town
☐ *Solar/crank cell phone charger
☐ Alcohol hand sanitizer/wipes (12)
☐ Roll of toilet tissue
☐ Compact facial tissue (2)
☐ Nitrile exam gloves (2pr)
☐ Sanitation toilet bag liner
☐ *Small wash towel
☐ *Toothbrush, paste, comb, razor
☐ *Feminine hygiene supplies
☐ *Compact baby wipes
☐ *Concentrated camp soap (sm)
☐ *Contact lens solution
☐ Multi-function tool w/can opener
☐ Mini sew kit
☐ 50’-100’ nylon paracord/rope
☐ Duct tape (mini roll)
☐ Leather palm gloves
☐ 3mil garbage bag
☐ Plastic shovel/trowel
☐ *Compass/local map of area
☐ *Safety goggles/sun glasses
☐ Personal medications needed
☐ Copy of doctor prescriptions
☐ *Baby formula, cereal, diapers,
baby wipes
☐ Quality backpack for your gear
☐ Spare car/home keys
☐ Copy of passport & driver’s license
☐ Stress reliever games/cards

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Permission granted to copy this checklist for non-commercial use with credits included. ©2014 Nitro-Pak®