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Dear Friend & Loyal Customer,


Hi. This is Harry Weyandt, founder of Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center Inc. I HAVE SOME REALLY EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU! Since our retirement last summer, we have heard back from so many of you and your missing us and wanting us to return. YOU TOUCHED OUR HEARTS – WE HEARD YOU! Well after exhaustive searching for a successor, we have decided to sell the company to our daughter and son-in-law Kristen & Aaron Curley. We couldn’t be happier with the choice to carry on Nitro-Pak’s legacy of exceptional customer service and products that Nitro-Pak has been known for.


By way of brief introduction, Aaron & Kristen have been married for over 13 years and are the proud parents of four incredible children. They love to camp, hike, repel and do just about anything outdoors. Kristen has worked for Nitro-Pak since her pre-teens in our family business and has worked in just about every position in the company. Aaron has been with the company for nearly 9 years as our IT manager and marketing specialist. Both are well seasoned in this industry and we are confident that they will continue provide you with high quality services and products you have known and trusted. They have many new ideas that they are excited to introduce during 2018 to make Nitro-Pak even better. I know you will be in great hands with them!


My wife Vickie and I will be working along with Aaron & Kristen in the background helping in this transition over the next year and I will be helping with blog posts and future preparedness articles.


In closing, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you again for your loyal support over the past 32 years. We have loved the opportunity to serve you and look forward to assisting the new owners as they grow and expand Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center even further in the future.


As always, have a plan and BE PREPARED!


Harry & Vickie Weyandt
Founders, Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center Inc

WARNING: The “3 G’s” of Survival are Rising FAST!

What are the “3 G’s” of Survival?

  • Rising Gold & Silver Sales
  • Rising Gun & Ammo Sales
  • Rising Emergency Food Sales (Groceries)

These three “G’s” are always linked together with growing economic fears and uncertain times. In the past week we hit new record sales and this week sales are RAPIDLY increasing even more for emergency food and survival gear. Our new Signature Elite food reserves have been hugely successful the past two weeks. There is simply nothing else like them and invite you check them out.

We see this as a new rising trend and if the current pace keeps going shortages will soon occur. In today’s uncertain times, now more than ever, the need to be better prepared is rising. Don’t be caught unprepared!  GET IT DONE NOW while supplies are available and prices still affordable!

How Prepared Are You?? Time get it done…NOW!

In today’s troubling and GROWING uncertain times, it is becoming more and more apparent that each of us MUST be better prepared to weather the storming times ahead. I know many of you have called over the past two weeks telling us that you have had this “prompting” to get you and your family better prepared with emergency backup food supplies and survival gear. We have sold more emergency food reserves and supplies this week than we have seen in the past year. Change is in the air. You “feel” it and others have too and are acting on those prompting.

Preparedness is just that, being prepared before the need arises. When crisis strikes the time to prepare is over, sort of like trying to buy fire insurance when the house is on fire. You MUST be one minute too early than one minute too late. Please, get started now. I fully anticipate as crisis events continue to increase and election fears heighten, food storage supplies will be in HIGH DEMAND and SHORTAGE will occur. As always, Have a Plan, Be Ready and Be Prepared!

Harry R Weyandt, Nitro-Pak Founder and President

Best of State Winner for 2016

Nitro-Pak VOTED the Best Preparedness Food

And Supply Company AGAIN for 2016!

HEBER CITY, UT– On April 10th, 2016, the “Utah Best of State Committee” announced this year’s Best of State Award Winners in over 200 different business categories. This year’s winner for the Preparedness Food and Supplies category, Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center Inc., was once again voted #1 again for the fifth time to receive this coveted award.

To be honored even once for this prestigious award is a high honor. To win it now for the fifth time, four times more than any other competitor says volume’s about Nitro-Pak. Their Founder and President Harry R Weyandt responded saying “Wow! I can’t believe that out of all preparedness companies we have here in Utah, that Nitro-Pak would once again be voted to receive this highly prestigious award. Our employees deserve all the credit for making this happen. I couldn’t be prouder of them!”

When one considers how many other emergency preparedness supply, food storage sellers and food storage canning & bucket food manufactures that are based here in Utah (it is estimated Utah has somewhere over 100 different companies in this industry) it is quite remarkable that since the Best of State organization first introduced the Preparedness Food & Supply category in 2011, Nitro-Pak was won this coveted award four straight years in a row!

Award winners will be recognized at the “Best of State Award’s Black-Tie Gala” banquet. It is humbling to be rubbing shoulders among the very best businesses in Utah. Some are mega billion dollar “Fortune 500” companies who were selected winners alongside many small businesses winners like Nitro-Pak. Each is recognized equally the same as exemplar examples as leaders in their respect fields.

When asked about receiving this award again for the fifth time, four times in a row, Mr. Weyandt enthusiastically responded, “After being in business now for over 30 years, I’m still excited to be in business! Every day I get to live the America Dream. Yes, “the dream” is still alive in America and my wonderful wife Vickie and I are living proof of that, but we did not get here alone. We recognize that no business ever rises to the top without exceptional and caring employees. These are our front line warrior’s. Our employees are the real winners of this award and we sincerely thank each of them.

In addition, we thank our loyal customers that have allowed us the opportunity to serve them and provide products that bring a little more peace-of-mind and security in their lives.
Lastly, but most importantly for Vickie and I, is to humbly thank and express our thanks to our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ for our chance to be here on earth to experience all we have. He has blessed us with five wonderful children that we are so very proud of along with their spouses and for our ten grandchildren whom we love and adore. These are our real treasures in this life.”

It is easy to see why this exceptional company continues to lead the field and chosen number one again.

About Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center

Nitro-Pak was established in 1985 and has helped over 10 million Americans with their emergency food and preparedness needs. Customer service is their passion. They offer a wide range of freeze-dried meals and food storage packages as well as a whole host of emergency survival kits and other related preparedness gear. To learn more, please visit their website at

WARNING, Current Uncertainties Causing Delays & Huge Shortages!

WARNING, Current Uncertainties Causing Delays & Huge Shortages!

Dear Friend and VIP Customer,

I’ll get quickly straight to the point. As one of our loyal customers, I wanted to give you a quick update of something that is currently affecting Nitro-Pak and the entire preparedness industry.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in an email I sent out, we are seeing a huge increase in orders from across the country buying our emergency food reserves and preparedness gear that we have not seen in over 3 years. Our order shipping times have increase upwards to 10 business days or more, especially for our food reserves. Some of our competitors are quoting times outwards to 3 weeks or more.

We are scrambling like mad to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, but supplies are drying up FAST as I write this. Please do not think for a moment that this is some “scare” tactic. Far from it! This is the real thing my friend. I know you like to know when we see changes, so you are hearing about it first.

I literally ordered TODAY all the food I could secure for our customers from our supplier warehouses. Many have told me that they are already out of stock on many items, which means 6-8 weeks before we will possibility see them back in stock again, but we still were able to lock in loads of others that we fully expect to will sell out fast.

I’m giving you the same “insider” information I am telling my closest friends and family, ‘get your order in NOW while we still can get inventory’. No fluff. No bull.

As current economic & political uncertainties are RISING across the country, I believe that we are only in the first wave of people stocking-up, but I fully expect to see a TIDAL WAVE of new buyers to hit when the word gets out on blogs shortly after this email goes out. Being prepared means getting prepared BEFORE the herd all hears about what’s going on. For those guys, it will be kind of like trying to buying fire insurance when the house is on fire. Too late!

If you have “felt” the need to add to your emergency supplies (you would not be alone if you did), it’s time get off the fence and secure your place in line NOW before the balance of our foods and gear vaporizes like we saw when the Japanese earthquake hit in a few years ago! TRUE FACT: It took us six months afterwards to get re-supplied with enough foods and gear to fulfill all our orders and backorders. I fear it will happen again this time around also. My gut feeling and 30 years of experience says that we may very well in the beginning stages of another stampede.

As always, Have A Plan, Be Ready and Be Prepared!

Harry R Weyandt

President & Founder

Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center Inc.