How Prepared Are You?? Time get it done…NOW!

In today’s troubling and GROWING uncertain times, it is becoming more and more apparent that each of us MUST be better prepared to weather the storming times ahead. I know many of you have called over the past two weeks telling us that you have had this “prompting” to get you and your family better prepared with emergency backup food supplies and survival gear. We have sold more emergency food reserves and supplies this week than we have seen in the past year. Change is in the air. You “feel” it and others have too and are acting on those prompting.

Preparedness is just that, being prepared before the need arises. When crisis strikes the time to prepare is over, sort of like trying to buy fire insurance when the house is on fire. You MUST be one minute too early than one minute too late. Please, get started now. I fully anticipate as crisis events continue to increase and election fears heighten, food storage supplies will be in HIGH DEMAND and SHORTAGE will occur. As always, Have a Plan, Be Ready and Be Prepared!

Harry R Weyandt, Nitro-Pak Founder and President

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