WARNING, Current Uncertainties Causing Delays & Huge Shortages!

WARNING, Current Uncertainties Causing Delays & Huge Shortages!

Dear Friend and VIP Customer,

I’ll get quickly straight to the point. As one of our loyal customers, I wanted to give you a quick update of something that is currently affecting Nitro-Pak and the entire preparedness industry.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in an email I sent out, we are seeing a huge increase in orders from across the country buying our emergency food reserves and preparedness gear that we have not seen in over 3 years. Our order shipping times have increase upwards to 10 business days or more, especially for our food reserves. Some of our competitors are quoting times outwards to 3 weeks or more.

We are scrambling like mad to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, but supplies are drying up FAST as I write this. Please do not think for a moment that this is some “scare” tactic. Far from it! This is the real thing my friend. I know you like to know when we see changes, so you are hearing about it first.

I literally ordered TODAY all the food I could secure for our customers from our supplier warehouses. Many have told me that they are already out of stock on many items, which means 6-8 weeks before we will possibility see them back in stock again, but we still were able to lock in loads of others that we fully expect to will sell out fast.

I’m giving you the same “insider” information I am telling my closest friends and family, ‘get your order in NOW while we still can get inventory’. No fluff. No bull.

As current economic & political uncertainties are RISING across the country, I believe that we are only in the first wave of people stocking-up, but I fully expect to see a TIDAL WAVE of new buyers to hit when the word gets out on blogs shortly after this email goes out. Being prepared means getting prepared BEFORE the herd all hears about what’s going on. For those guys, it will be kind of like trying to buying fire insurance when the house is on fire. Too late!

If you have “felt” the need to add to your emergency supplies (you would not be alone if you did), it’s time get off the fence and secure your place in line NOW before the balance of our foods and gear vaporizes like we saw when the Japanese earthquake hit in a few years ago! TRUE FACT: It took us six months afterwards to get re-supplied with enough foods and gear to fulfill all our orders and backorders. I fear it will happen again this time around also. My gut feeling and 30 years of experience says that we may very well in the beginning stages of another stampede.

As always, Have A Plan, Be Ready and Be Prepared!

Harry R Weyandt

President & Founder

Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center Inc.

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